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Suppen und Vorspeisen
soups and appetizers

Cremesuppe von frischen Waldpilzen
cup      $ 4.99
cream soup from fresh mushrooms

Kartoffelsuppe mit Würstchen
cup      $ 4.99
traditional German potato soup
with bacon, vegetables and sausage slices

Krabben-Cocktail mit Toast
$ 8.99
German shrimp cocktail, shrimp tossed in a dill vinaigrette,
topped with a homemade cocktail sauce and served with toast points

Bayer. Brotzeitbrett’l mit Emmentaler
$ 10.99
a large platter with cold cuts - Black Forest ham, luncheon loaf, salami, Tyrolean ham and
Swiss cheese, garnished with German pickle and tomato, served with sliced rye bread.
Plenty to share among 2-4 people

Gemischter Wurstteller mit Sauerkraut
$ 14.59
the Royal Bavaria sausage sampler is our most popular appetizer with a variety of 4 sausages,
served with German sauerkraut.     It’s a perfect appetizer for 2-4 people to share!

“Obatzda” mit Brez’n 
a classic Bavarian cheese specialty you will love, served with 2 fresh baked pretzels
imported from Germany


  Oktoberfest Brez’n Plate
$ 9.59
a large fresh baked Oktoberfest Pretzel imported from Munich, served
with homemade Pate, Bavarian cheese spread and German Mustard

Gemischter Brotkorb mit Butter
$ 3.99
mixed breadbasket with 2 hard rolls, 1 pretzel stick, and 1 pretzel imported from Germany.
Served with fresh butter and German mustard

$ 0.59
hard roll

House Specialties from Skillet and Oven

All entrees are served with a traditional German House Salad

Bayerischer Schweinebraten in Biersauce mit Semmelknödl, Blaukraut
$ 14.99
This is one a Bavarian cannot live without! Slow roasted pork shoulder with bread dumpling,
red cabbage and brown beer gravy
Hähnchenbrust in Senfsauce mit grüne Bohnen and Reis
$ 15.99
chicken breast in creamy German mustard sauce with sautéed green beans and rice pilaf
Jägerschnitzel mit Pilzrahmsauce, Spätzle
Our most popular meal - hunter's schnitzel, breaded pork loin, golden fried and topped with
a creamy mushroom and bacon gravy, served with homemade noodles

Wiener Schnitzel mit Pommes Frites
hand breaded pork loin, golden fried,
served with fries
Paprika Schnitzel mit Pommes Frites
Breaded fried pork loin topped with a bell
pepper-onion sauce, served with fries
Schnitzel “ Berliner Art” mit Kartoffelbrei
Breaded and fried pork loin, covered with a sautéed
onion- apple mix, served with mashed potatoes
Schnitzel “Holsteiner Art” mit Kartoffelbrei
Breaded and fried pork loin, topped with Swiss
cheese and fried egg, served with mashed potatoes
Choose any Pork Schnitzel - 18.99
Substitute Veal on any Schnitzel - Add $5.00

Schweinshax’n”Braumeister” mit Biersauce, Semmelknödl
$ 19.59
crispy grilled pork shank, served with a beer gravy and a bread dumpling
Gekochte Ochsenbrust mit Rosenkohl, Bratkartoffeln und Meerrettichsauce
$ 18.29
Certified Angus beef brisket topped with horseradish cream sauce,
erved with brussel sprouts and home fried potatoes
Grillpfanne mit grünen Speckbohnen, Tomate und Pommes Frites
$ 20.59
mixed grill: medallions of Certified Angus beef, pork, veal and grilled Nürnberger sausage,
served in a sizzling skillet with sautéed green beans, grilled tomato and fries

Cordon Bleu mit Bratkartoffeln und Salat
$ 24.79
this famous veal schnitzel is filled with gourmet ham and Swiss cheese, rolled and
hand breaded, baked and served with home fried potatoes, garnished with cranberry sauce

Forelle “Müllerin”, mit gerösteten Mandeln, Reis und grünen Spargel
$ 18.59
rainbow trout, pan fried in butter and roasted almonds, served with
sauce Hollandaise,rice pilaf and green asparagus
Jägerbraten in Champignonsauce, Spätzle
$ 15.99
oven roasted pork in creamy bacon and mushroom gravy,
served over homemade noodles
Rinderroulade mit Kartoffelbrei und Blaukraut
$ 20.79
sliced tender Certified Angus Beef, filled with bacon, onions, German pickle spears,
mustard and braised in its own juice, served with homemade mashed potatoes and red cabbage

Schwäbischer Sauerbraten mit Spätzle und Blaukraut
$ 17.99
marinated Certified Angus Beef in red wine gravy, served with
homemade noodles and red cabbage
Kessel-Gulasch mit Spätzle
$ 15.99
spicy, chunky beef stew with onions, tomatoes and bell peppers,
served over homemade noodles and topped with sour cream
Hendl vom Grillspiess mit Pommes Frites
$ 14.29
½ juicy golden chicken from the rotisserie spit, served with French fries
served with French fries
Hackbraten nach Rezept von Andy’s Mama mit Kartoffelbrei und Speckbohnen
$ 15.99
Andy’s Mom’s famous Meatloaf with
mashed potatoes and gravy and sautéed green beans
Schlachtplatte “ROYAL BAVARIA”
Bavarian butcher’s platter, grilled smoked
pork chop, gourmet ham, and Nürnberger
sausage, served with German sauerkraut,
mashed potatoes and gravy       19.79
Kaiser Barsch in Pergament gebacken mit Gemüse und Shrimp
Orange Roughy, mild white fish topped with
veggies and shrimp baked in Parchment
paper, served with rice pilaf       19.99
Spinat-Spätzle in Käse Sauce mit , Tomaten

$ 12.99
from the Bavarian dairy country perfect for vegetarians, our homemade
spinach- noodles sautéed in cream and Swiss cheese, topped with
crispy onions, sundried tomatoes
$ 3.00
add sliced chicken breast
Gemüse-Kartoffel Strudl mit Dillsauce
$ 12.99
vegetable strudel, a medley of vegetables, potatoes and Swiss cheese,
rolled in a strudel dough, baked and served with sour cream dill sauce

  Würstl vom Holzkohlengrill
sausages from the charcoal grill
Add a traditional German House Salad to any sauage plate       1.99
$ 13.29
2 Stck. Scharfe Hänchen Bratwurst mit Pommes Frites und Curry Ketchup
2 spicy chicken Bratwurst served with French fries and homemade curry ketchup
$ 12.49
3 Stck. Nürnberger mit Sauerkraut und Kartoffelbrei
3 flavorful seasoned pork sausages, served with German sauerkraut and mashed potatoes with gravy
Gemischter Wurstteller mit Sauerkraut und Kartoffelbrei
$ 15.79
sausage sampler with a variety of 4 sausages, served with German sauerkraut,
mashed potatoes and gravy

$ 12.29
2 Stck. grobe Bratwürste mit Sauerkraut und Kartoffelbrei
2 coarse ground spicy veal and pork sausages, served with German sauerkraut,
mashed potatoes with gravy  
$ 12.79
2 Stck. Käsewürste mit Sauerkraut und Kartoffelbrei
2 spicy ground pork and beef sausages with chunks of cheese, served with German sauerkraut,
mashed potatoes and gravy  
add a side of our homemade curry ketchup to any sausage plate       1.00
$ 11.99
Grosse Salatplatte mit Schwarzwälder Schinken, Emmentaler und Ei
large Chef salad: variety of garden fresh seasonal greens, served with our homemade
dill dressing, topped with Black Forest ham, Swiss cheese and hard boiled egg  
Salatplatte mit warmen grill Hendl
$ 12.99
a large salad with warm Rotisserie Chicken pieces, mixed greens & pretzel croutons, served
with our German mustard dressing
Schweizer Wurst Salat mit semmel
$ 10.99
Swiss sausage salad, Swiss cheese, sausages, onion and German pickles cut into strips and
marinated in a red wine Vinaigrette, served with 2 hard rolls
Kleiner gemischter Haussalat
$ 3.99
house salad: mixed garden greens over green beans, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes
cucumber salad
$ 2.99
Bavarian potato salad
$ 2.99
 tomato salad
$ 2.99



All of our Steaks are Certified Angus Beef, aged in house and hand cut

Münchner Zwiebellende mit Bratkartoffeln, grünen Bohnen und Salat

$ 29.99
aged center cut NY strip, hand trimmed, topped with our special sauce and
fried onions, served with home fried potatoes, fresh green beans and a dinner salad

$ 23.99
Center cut Filet Mignon - 6 oz
$ 26.99
Center cut Filet Mignon - 8 oz
$ 26.99
Ribeye Steak - 14 oz
$ 27.99
New York Strip Steak - 14 oz

All of our steaks are seasoned with kosher salt & cracked black pepper, served with a dinner salad and your choice of one side
Add melted Bleu Cheese to any steak     2.00

  Add 6 Grilled Shrimp to any steak     6.00

Mashed Potatoes
Sautéed Asparagus
Steak Fries
Brussel Sprouts
Hand Cut French Fries
Creamy Mushrooms
Home Fried Potatoes
Sautéed Green Beans
side dishes
mashed potatoes
$ 2.79
Bavarian bread dumpling
$ 2.59
 red cabbage
  $ 2.99
Grüne Speckbohne
Pommes frites
homemade noodles
$ 2.29
sautéed green beans
$ 2.990
 French fries
  $ 2.79
$ 2.59
home fried potatoes
$ 4.99
 brussel sprouts
  $ 3.49


  All desserts are homemade in house fresh, based on old family recipes
Topfenstrudl mit Vanille-Sauce
$ 6.99
cream strudel with vanilla sauce a Bavarian specialty, don't leave before you have tried it
Apfelstrudl mit Vanille- Eis
$ 6.99
apple strudel with vanilla ice cream our famous dessert, homemade and fresh
Apfelkücherl mit Zimtzucker und Vanille- Eis
$ 6.99
deep fried apples with cinnamon sugar and vanilla ice cream
slices of apples,dipped in a sweet beer batter and fried
Deutscher Käsekuchen mit der Sauce ihrer Wahl
$ 6.99
German cheesecake with a sauce of your choice: chocolate, raspberry, caramel
Vanille- Eis mit heissen Himbeeren
$ 6.99
vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries, topped with wipped cream
Bayrischer Schokoladen Scheiterhaufen
$ 6.99
Bavarian chocolate bread pudding with orange – caramel sauce
Ice wine, a very sweet white wine. A perfect wine with our desserts!

a blend of different liquors with German coffee and whipped topping
Kaffee “ Royal Bavaria ”
$ 5.99
Amaretto and Baileys
Kaffee “ König Ludwig ”
$ 5.99
the King’s favorite, Grand Marnier and Tia Maria
Berentzen Apfelkorn         ( Apple )           $ 5.99
Schladerer Williams            ( Pear)            $ 5.99
Schladerer Himmbeer    ( Raspberry)       $ 5.99
Schladerer Kirsch               ( Cherry)         $ 6.00

              $ 4.99
$ 4.99

Grand Marnier served in a snifter
Bailys Irish Cream served on the rocks in a snifter
Remy Martin VS Cognac server in a snifter
Amaretto and cream served warm in a snifter
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